Le Tre Porte.
21 August 2019

apartment renovation berlin neukölln.

Apartment renovation.

Berlin Neukölln, Germany. 86 sqm.

Private client. Budget 80’000 €

The three Doors:

In a historical building facing the canal in the heart of Berlin, the apartment’s prewar era organisation of the apartment is broken up to allow for fluid circulation. Leaving the bearing wall untouched, modifications to the non-structural walls set the apartment free, rediscovered as a succession of spaces.  The three doors create openings in the structural wall, imbuing a playfulness that is an essential ingredient to the project.

Light now travels unobstructed through the different spaces, brightening up the grey winter days of this northern city.

Two boxes are placed on each side of the structural wall: on one side the bathroom combined with the kitchen, on the other side a walk-in closet combined with the bed, together containing all necessary services and storage.

Natural light enters the bathroom through a series of glass-block insertions in the wall. Thousands of coloured reflections reach up to the entrance hall when the sun shines through.

The material concept is simplified and abstracted, emphasising important materials that carry the soul of the project: Moroccan tiles match the light green of the wardrobe; the reclaimed GDR-era glass blocks were hand-picked one by one at markets for historical building parts.


photography © luca girardini